By emitting high strength blue light,promote the teeth whitening agent of peroxide
decomposition to dissolve tooth stain,deep whitening teeth,reduce dental calculus and
improve tetracycline stained teet
Suit for
*Suit all the people who want a whiter and brighter smile
*Whiten teeth stained by smoking or stain-causing food and drinks such as coffee sauce and
tea. *Whiten teeth discolored by medicines such as tetracycline.
*Whiten teeth speckled by fluoride in the drinking water *whiten genetic yellow teeth,
unknown reason yellow or black teeth

Main component


1: Preparetion work: clean the surface of teeth, wipe off tartar and dental calculus as well
as polish the surface of teeth by ultrasonic scaler before whitening treatment;
2: Apply the ginival protection gel: the gingival protection gel should be applied to the
gum evenly, and solidified well by the curing light;
3: Apply the gel: squeeze the gel out from the syringe, apply the gel to the surface of the
teeth, the thickness of the gel should be around 2-3mm;
4: Blue light irradiation: use the strong blue light from the whitening system to radiate on
the surface of gel about 10-15 minutes, then clean the gel away after irradiation;
5: Doctor can repeat step 3 to step 5 for 1 to 2 times according to the effect of whitening;
6: After the whitening treatment, apply the teeth desensitizing gel to the surface of the
teeth in order to prevent stimulation caused by the kits staying on the teeth, reducing the
ache of the patient.

Advice after treatment
1: Keep away from colored food and drink for 24 hours after treatment(such as strong tea,
coffee, red wine, beverage that including pigment as well as smoking.etc), otherwise the
whitening effect will be serious affected.
2: If the ache didn’t disappear in 24 hours after treatment, please contact the doctor for
help in time.


1: This medicine only can be used by prefessional doctors in hospital or clinic;
2: This medicine only used for whitening teeth, please don’t use it on any part of body
except teeth, and don’t have it;
3: Please put the medicine far distance from children to avoid eating by mistake or burning
4: If you discover some disrepair or leakage when you open the package, please give it up,
and connect with the dealer or factory for help;
5: It is a normal phonomenon that few patients ache temporarily during or after treatment;
if the patient ache seriously, please stop operating until the ache disappear;
6: The hydrogen peroxide can’t be use any longer after eing open for 1 hour.

1: People who allergic to this medicine are forbidden to use it;
2: Patients who suffer from Pulp diseases, Periodontitis,gingivitis can’t use this medicine
before recover;
3: People who with cankerous dental mucosa should use this medicine carefully;
4: Children, pregnant women and women during lactation are forbidden to use this medicine;
5: People with allergic diathesis should use this medicine carefully.

This medicine should be keep in a cool place with 3-10 degree temperature, and away from

Period of Validity:One year

Product Name
Teeth whitening home kits
Whitening gel Ingredient
Beauty salon, home used

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